Although no two organizations are exactly the same, we at CFM share a similar mission with our clients: to provide quality products and services, to improve profitability, and to be the best in our respective industry. In today’s environment the burden of high overhead costs is forcing companies to seek alternative solutions. Thus the need to align with organizations that share a common directions and work ethic, while offering expertise and needed capabilities, is critical. CFM is perfectly positioned to provide our clients the specialization, operating function and technology necessary to optimize their success. With CFM as a “Partner for Success”, our clients can continue to focus on their primary objectives while leveraging CFM’s capabilities to focus on what is does best, receivables management and custom “out source” solutions.

CFM will provide focused, professional, cost effective services to our clients. Our resources offer strength and value added opportunity to our business partners. We are committed to forging a highly effective, mutually profitable partnership with our clients. 

Contingency Collections
Traditional collections for delinquent or charged-off accounts. Contingency collections are CFM’s core business, and we provide this service to most of our clients.
Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of doing business
  • Hands on management
  • Highly trained and motivated employees